Forfaiting Calculator
Forfaiting Calculator is our Calculation Edition for forfaiting transactions. It calculates the primary and secondary market transactions (interest calculation and discounting), as well as commissions. The application contains a document generator giving you the possibility of creating documents in MS Word. Forfaiting Calculator can be used as standalone or as network application. Forfaiting Calculator is suitable for institutions using a banksoftware as back-office system and llooking for a simple, efficent system for their front office.

Forfaiting Manager
Forfaiting Manager is the full portfolio version for forfaiting institutions. It contains not only the calculation module, but also the complete management of the assets and limits.
-Indications: Registration of requests and offers to counterparties
-Overview: Overview on country and counterparty limits and exposure. Divided into portfolios (Investment, Trading…) -Purchases: Calculation of Primary and Secondary Market transactions (fixed and floating)
-Sales: Transactions can be sold Outright, Silent Funded or as Unfunded Participation
-Documents: FM includes a document generator to create output following your CI
-Reports: About 80 reports are included in the system.
-Limits: Limits can be tracked for countries and / or counterparties
-Payments: Receivables and payables resulting from transactions
-Counterparties: Database to manage counterparties
-Users: Registered users and their level of access to the system, for example viewing rights only
-Authorisations: For all major operations, the 4 eyes principle applies
-Administration: Tables for countries, currencies, holidays and codes